A couple of things to read or listen to

Cracks that let the light in

An article by Rai Waddingham about her experiences of hearing voices. Click HERE to open.

Rai Waddingham hears voices. Doctors tried a variety of medications and labelled her with different diagnoses, but she eventually moved towards a greater understanding of her voices and why they are there. They are simply part of who she is.

Part of Broken hearts not broken brains


Peace Music

A radio program from Bradford Community radio where Rufus talks about music he feels inspired by around the theme of peace.

Rufus introduces the podcast:

I start with one of my mother Valerie’s favourite songs; “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by Nina Simone and then “The drugs don’t work” by the Verve. I pay tribute to my mum because her strength in the face of adversity (and humour) has been a great inspiration to me.


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