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We are two people who both have a great passion for holistic approaches to mental health. This passion has grown out of our own experiences of receiving traditional treatment and finding it lacking.

We believe that every individual has wisdom about their own experience, about their needs and about life.

We believe that as communities we need to work towards embracing all kinds of different human experiences whether they be psycho emotional or spiritual.

We believe that it is possible to make sense of intense states of mind often described as psychosis.

We believe there are many different ways to achieve these things and that each of us has to listen to our inner wisdom.

We want to use this website to share resources, information, techniques, models of thinking and other tools that we ourselves have found helpful.

Have a look around and we hope you find something useful.

Elisabeth and Rufus


Rufus May has worked as a clinical psychologist in adult mental health services for 19 years. He provides training and consultancy in recovery and integrative based approach to psychosis and other mental health problems.

Rufus has an international reputation for training people in holistic and recovery based approaches to mental health problems, having carried out work in the United States, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Holland. His interest in psychological approaches to psychosis and recovery is rooted in his own experiences of psychosis and recovery in his late teens.

Rufus has written a number of articles and book chapters and his work was featured in the English Channel 4 documentary ‘The Doctor who hears voices’.  He also has an interest in mindfulness, voice dialogue approaches, conflict resolution communication skills and community development approaches including developing self-help networks.

See more www.rufusmay.com

Elisabeth Svanholmer has worked since 2006 as a Danish Hearing Voices Network trainer and facilitator. Her own experiences of living with voices and other unusual experiences has served as an inspiration for her current work-life.

Elisabeth is passionate about facilitating creative, supportive spaces for people to talk about their experiences and learn from each other. From 2012 to 2018 she was one of the organisers of a bi-monthly Danish open meeting for hearing voices groups in Western Denmark. She organises and co-facilitates a monthly group supervision session for people working with compassionate approaches to voices and similar experiences.

She has facilitated training on the hearing voices approach, mindfulness and understanding the highly sensitive person in Denmark, UK, Canada, US and Australia. She has co-facilitated a mindfulness group, a hearing voices group as well as a monthly arts and wellbeing sessions in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

See more www.livinglifegently.live