Adventure in to vlogging

These videos are also available on YouTube

Warming up

First of 3… Talking about challenges of isolation and the uncertainty of the situation.

Second bit.. Thinking about reaching out – also to people who are offline – and dealing with powerlessness and our inner controlfreaks.

Last bit… Talking about our need for structure, fear of aging (a bit random but hey ho) and our hope to create videos with different types of accessable physical exercises.


  1. Hi Elisabeth, Rufus & those who are reading this .
    I am in work as a nurse in Ireland and looking for supports for clients in my care who are struggling to navigate a world with voices & visions. Our mental health service is limited to mostly phone calls at this Covid time. Your Vlogging idea is great, delivered with very welcome lightness. I shall be sharing Vlogging with 2 of my clients & hope they find something to support themselves here now or later when the time is right for them.
    Keep Vlogging.
    Smiling face,


    1. Thank you! It’s so helpful to get encouraging feedback like this and it supports us to try and keep creating and sharing resources. We enjoyed our first attempt at vlogging but it is all new territory for us and just figuring stuff out as we go along. All the best Elisabeth


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