Links / alternative approaches


Asylum Magasine The magazine for a democratic approach to mental health.

Behind the label Rachel Waddingham provides excellent training on alternative approaches to mental health problems.

Beyond Meds Blog about holistic approaches to extreme mind states.

Compassionate Mental Health Experiential events designed to inform, inspire and empower people living and working with mental distress.

Critical Psychiatry Articles that promote a questioning approach to psychiatric practice.

Discursive of Tumbridge Wells Interesting views and commentary on psychology and mental health.

Families Healing Together On-line education and networking for families dealing with mental health difficulties interested in holistic approaches.

The Icarus Project Support network originally started in the U.S. for people ‘navigating the space between brilliance and madness’.

INTAR The International Network for Treatment Approaches to Recovery – info on conferences and publications.

Jacqui Dillon online Jacqui Dillon provides excellent training on working with complex trauma, dissociation, ‘psychosis,’ healing and recovery.

Loren Mosher Articles by and about American psychiatrist Loren Mosher’s work whose Soteria project showed that a holistic approach using less medication could improve the chances of recovery for young people labelled with schizophrenia.

Mad in America Aims to be a resource and a community for those interestedin rethinking psychiatric care in the US and internationally.

Madness Radio Radio interviews with people about alternative approaches to mental health.

Mental Health Forum Discussion forum about different approaches to the subject.

The Recovery Network Toronto based website sharing lots of useful resources and articles on hearing voices, extreme states and recovery/self help ideas.

Schizophrenia does not exist Informative Dutch web-site with good academic arguments.

Soteria Network UK website for people interested in alternative approaches to psychosis.

The Spiritual Crisis Network A UK based network set up to improve access to approaches to psychosis that see it as a spiritual crisis, linked to ‘spiritual emergence’ ideas.

Peter Lehmann Publishing Publishes excellent books available in English on alternative approaches to mental health problems.

PODS Positive outcomes for dissociative survivors; training information and support for dissociatiative experiences.

Psychologists Against Austerity Campainging group aiming to highlight how policies that promote inequality affect people’s mental health including current austerity measures.

Will hall’s website Will provides counselling, training and consultancy on mental health, trauma, community development and conflict resolution.

Working to Recovery Provides excellent training on recovery based approaches to mental health problems.