The Possibility of Colour

We are excited to share news about the play The Possibility of Colour by Pete Carruthers.

The play will premiere this November at The New Adelphi Theatre, Salford, before touring to Preston and Ormskirk.

There will also be online screenings of a recorded performance on 1st and 2nd December at 7pm (UK).

After every performance and online screening, audiences will be invited to take part in a Q&A discussion with myself and a panel of guest experts, many of which have lived experience of the themes explored by the play and have contributed to its development over several years.

To book tickets and learn more

For many, the Implant is an irresistible guarantee of eternal happiness; a life without suffering.

For others though, it’s a terrifying instrument of control, stripping them of what it means to be human, and increasingly forced upon a growing number of ‘compulsory recipients’.

Designed by the AI-controlled ‘Vigil’ Corporation, The Implant is a new miracle device that promises to cure all mental illness.

Will Joseph, his sister Aisling, or his best friend Helen, be able to decide which of them, if any, should have the Implant?

And with the ever-looming presence of Vigil, do they even have a choice?

Who is ‘normal’? Who gets to decide?

‘The Possibility of Colour’ is a dramatic new play, which tackles these difficult questions. 

Created over several years in collaboration with mental health professionals, academics, and people with lived experience of the themes explored, the play provides an immersive and moving insight into the reality of voice hearing, synaesthesia, forced treatment and much, much more.

To book tickets, and to learn more about the play, please click here:


And if you’d like to look at or even just share our crowdfunding campaign (THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!), here’s the link:

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