Everyday Life with Voices

We are looking for contributors to a new online resource about hearing things that others don’t. Hearing the Voice is currently working with people who have personal experience of hearing voices to develop Integrated Voices  – a new online resource that will help people find clear, balanced and comprehensive information about hearing and experiencing things that could … Continue reading Everyday Life with Voices

Self help guide for Talking with Voices

We've been working on this guide for the past couple of weeks. We imagine we will keep working on it and we welcome feedback. Our hope is to also create videos to illustrate some of the things in the guide. Available as PDF here Self-help guide to dialoguing with voices by Rufus May and Elisabeth … Continue reading Self help guide for Talking with Voices

‘its a long way to Tipperary’

After a week and two workshops in Dublin we are now on our way to Galway to deliver one more. The workshops are called 'Talking with Voices - Learning from the Dialogue'. With these workshops we try to create spaces for people to learn more about VoiceDiaologue and how to engage with people who hear … Continue reading ‘its a long way to Tipperary’