Talks from the Sixth Hearing Voices Congress, 2014


This is a playlist with various talks from the International Hearing Voice Congress held in 2014 in Greece. The playlist comes down if you click on the symbol in the upper right hand corner of the video frame below.


Rufus gave a talk at this conference about dialogical approaches to voices in distressing times. This is his introduction to the talk.

Mainstream practitioners are beginning to be interested in dialoguing practices with voices. This includes the Avatar therapy approach currently being trialled in the the UK where voice hearers practice being assertive and dialoguing with computer generated images of their voices.

I will reflect on my experience of using voice dialogue and witnessing different ways people who hear voices have found to strengthen their sense of self and change the relationship with their voices.

I will consider the value of trauma counselling, bodywork and different spiritual approaches to finding ways to live with voices. I will also look at the dangers of dialoguing with parts of our mind that are more disconnected or unconscious. Ways to make this process safe will be considered including the use of grounding practices, community support and ritual.

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