Some friends of ours in Australia are launching a project soon. Their intention is to share compassionate and humane ideas, views and thoughts on how we understand common human realities, often referred to as psychosis.

We’d like to encourage people to have a look at it and send in videos to them.

Here is some more information about the project:

Psychosis 365 provides an alternative understanding of what we mean by the label of ‘psychosis’

HUMANE Clinic is preparing to provide an alternative to the challenging and often unfounded perceptions of what is called psychosis in our society: Voices, visions and other realities.
Psychosis 365 is not a treatment plan, education plan or other formal concept that anyone should follow. Rather, the project is following the lead of many other projects around the world that share information about the experiences of people in the communities in which we live.

Record a 1 minute video with your understanding of voices, visions or other realities. Go to or have a look at their invitation to get involved here psychosis-365-invitation

You can also have a look at their facebook page.



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